Humanity is taking its final exam.  
Before our eyes, the “Great Reset” is turning the world into a slavescape. Not enough people are aware of this. Not enough people care. 


Build a new world that makes
the old world obsolete.

Information Disclaimer

Freescape does not claim to have first-hand, special access, inside information regarding any of the material discussed on Freescape.earth or FreescapeStore.com. Everything discussed comes from information readily accessible by the public. For detailed information, you can go down the Rabbit Hole. The amount of available information is overwhelming and dark – so pace yourself, and do not get entangled. 

The goal of Freescape is to help people process the shift from a mundane misunderstanding of our world, to the astonishing reality, unfolding before us. This process involves replacing apathy and blanket denial with a thirst for truth, investigative curiosity, and acceptance; after having followed leads where they lead.

The issues addressed on Freescape relate to recognizing truth from lie, “handling the truth”, staying grounded while shifting paradigms from mundane mode to astounding mode. We need to increase the number of citizen Light Strikers; who have gone through the shock phase, and can become stabilizing and proactive forces in their communities. 

“Handling the truth” means making peace with what is strange and unknown. Most important for right now: humanity collectively must resist passively being funneled into a slavescape, while consciously taking action to establish a freescape. Conscious action begins with conversation. Let’s start talking about it, and waking up those on the fence. Do not waste time and effort with those who have succumbed to the dark side – focus on those (open but confused) trying to make sense of the crazy.

(What is envisioned for planet Earth?)

A freescape on Earth; where life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are protected, natural rights; ensuring the freedom to thrive and evolve.

(the Why; the guiding light; the inspiration)

Manifesting a freescape on Earth requires empowerment of the inhabitants, and acknowledgment of the responsibility required of freedom. This renaissance begins with simply listening to your inner moral compass – your ever-present connection to a universal spiritual truth – your conscience. An active conscience knows what to do.

(the How; the plan)

Freescape is a grassroots approach to encourage citizens to wake up and take action. The store provides messages that point to Freescape.earth, where people can get up to speed on the essence of our worldwide crisis, and find direction about what they can do. Regardless of the details of the crisis, the action that we must take are the same: remove our passive support from slavescape systems, and actively help to replace them with freescape systems.

Chris Dorchak, Founder

I’ve developed an eclectic perspective from being on both sides of the fence: traditional thinking and “woo-woo”. We are entering a new era where these two perspectives are merging, and it’s disorienting and scary for many of us.  

I graduated from the United States Air Force Academy, with a bachelor of science degree, and a commission in the US Air Force. After tours in Greece, the United Kingdom and South Korea as a communications officer, I returned to the States to change direction into health and healing. I studied a broad range of chiropractic methods, to include applied kinesiology, emotional and energetic methods; as well as years of training in the spiritual and healing arts in the epicenter of woke n’ woo: the greater San Francisco Bay area.

The central lesson in WW III (the war for our minds): the mind is everything. Whether we are talking about the health of countries, or bodies, if the mind is passive, and not actively aware, grounded and projecting an elevated state, you will be brainwashed… as we are witnessing all around us, as every social agreement holding our once-civilized country together, is being systematically dismantled. Many get it. Many don’t. We owe it to our fellow citizens to wake them up.

“The beginning of wisdom
is the definition of terms.”

– Socrates

STEP 1 - Relearn: Face the Facts

The very first thing required for our epic times, is to change the definition of one word. Contrary to Deep State conspiratorial propaganda, “conspiracy” does not mean “bullshit” – it is Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the way the world works. Humans are social animals – we work together. If we do good things, it’s called cooperation. If we do bad things, it called conspiracy. A great number of people have been working together for a very long time, to tip the scales in their own favor, at the expense of everyone else. That’s basic sub-human nature. Don’t mindlessly deny conspiracies, as you have been programmed to do – investigate. Follow the leads where they lead. Historical evidence of conspiracies is overwhelming. There is ZERO evidence to prove that conspiracies do NOT exist.

STEP 2 - Regroup: Handle the Truth

Processing revealed truths that contradict a lifetime of programmed lies takes mental and moral fortitude. As strange truths are revealed in the coming months and years, try them on for size; try them on as if they were true. If it is true, can you handle the truth?  If you are incapable of this mental exercise, you are now face-to-face with your own Deep State conspiratorial propaganda programming; facing stories you have been told and accepted as truth (without verification, because you wanted to trust). As the facts that support these strange truths pile up, at some point your bullshit dam will bust, and the conspiracy programming will have lost its grip on your mind. Hang in there and wait for it. Take your time, and process it. It is essential we all learn how to do this asap, because the astounding reality of our world will not stop – Pandora’s box is open, and the contents fast approaching.

STEP 3 - Resist: Stand Your Ground

We are fresh out of time for “politically correct” fluff ‘n spin. Time to call it what it is. We are at war for our minds and sovereignty. As we face facts and handle truths, we acknowledge that the worldwide conspiracy network is no longer being covert, but is blatantly engaged in an overt push to establish a slavescape on Earth. We are in the 11th hour and 59th minute. It’s now or never time.

The Light Striker’s Creed

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes
the existing model obsolete.”

– Buckminster Fuller