The Moral Compass: rally symbol for Humanity



Breaking Free of the Slavescape is Humanity’s Rite of Passage
Creating a Freescape requires we Face Reality and follow our Conscience

Get Up to Speed ASAP on Key Issues:
[1] Quick Apocalypse Situational Summary 2023.06.20 (flyer)
[2] The level of the PSYOP: “the Biden Show”
[3] Human Trafficking is the #1 problem in the US & worldwide!
[4] President Trump’s War on the Global Swamp
[5] World biomedical coup: W.H.O. initiated global slavescape

The world’s strange era of crises is NOT coincidence.
Globalists are systematically dismantling human civilization
using the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” Agenda.

This didn’t just happen since the “pandemic” … this has been in the works long before any of us were born. A long con against humanity is coming to the surface; involving centuries of machinations, committed by criminal lineages, that can be traced far back into hidden histories.

Their minions have infiltrated every human endeavor, as is clearly revealed by the rapid and methodical unraveling of human civilization all across the globe.  They are the few. We are the many. They have stayed in power by remaining hidden, and wearing masks of virtue. They are no longer hiding.

Now that we are aware of them, we need to rapidly relearn some key history, and regroup into parallel pro-human freescaper societies. As anti-human slavescapers are revealed, they must be removed from authority (which comes from we the people) – and WE MUST STEP UP TO REPLACE THEM IN OUR COMMUNITIES.

What we have experienced throughout our history has been an illusion of “freedom”, because we were ignorant of the reality of the true situation. We need to acknowledge that only in this present moment, have we ever had a true opportunity for actual power to self-determine our future. Let’s take it. We are the plan.


“We Will Bring You Down”: German MP Vows to Dismantle the WHO’s Grip on Governments “… from the millions and millions of people around the world… We are here, and the fight is on.”
– German MP Christine Anderson

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano
Former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States
Former Secretary-General of Vatican City State


“Now it’s time for ‘we the people’ to step up … find your favorite patriot message and wear it on your shirt outside, wear it on your hat outside … You’re going to find out there are so many more people that are yearning for this information, and are awake then you think …”

– Lewis Herms,
(2023.07.18 rumble podcast, NickV.TV, with Nicholas Veniamin)



Get Up to Speed ASAP!
(Things are NOT as They Appear)


Parallel Communities
(Freescape vs Slavescape)


Take Responsibility! Take Action!
(Peace Doves & War Eagles)


Immunity Against Disease
(Foreign or Domestic)


Identify Local Kindred Spirits!
(Peaceful Show of Force)


Information Websites


Solidarity Symbol  for Light Strikers

The Moral Compass is our conscience: what allows us to know right from wrong.
Our world has lost its way, as we have been distracted living under corruption at every level of human society. The corruption is finally being exposed. Now is our time to do something about it.
Each of us is a player in this new game.
We are the plan!

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
 To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
 – Buckminster Fuller

Attention given to the scattered machinations of the dark side only ensures a slavescape.
Organizing light, focusing it into a high frequency laser, dissipates darkness and ensures a freescape.