REGROUP: Handle the Truth

For every “truth”, there is an equal
and opposite “truth”

There are many sides to World War III. Acknowledge the limitations of perspectives. Our worldview is formed from biased information sources.  Keep a hand in both sides of the info stream. Stay neutral. Always keep human nature in mind! Which agenda do your actions support…?

Regrouping is about processing what has been relearned. We have all been hypnotized (via incessant suggestions from all corners of society) to NOT see what is around us; to ignore clues; to accept insanity as sanity. To snap out of this hypnotized state, tune into your conscience! If this causes discomfort, you are experiencing cognitive dissonance – where your mind is telling you one thing, and your heart another. Let the heart win! Follow the sense of “right”, “good” and “love”, and acknowledge how this is the exact reverse of what we experience of life on Earth. You will see that the opposite of all that is “good” was done on purpose. This evil is what is being fought in WW III.

Once we learn to step back and evaluate the world around us from the perspective of the heart, it becomes painfully obvious that the systems currently in place in our society are not there to allow us to thrive, but rather to enslave us! Viewing the world through the clarity of your conscience, will make it obvious who is supporting a slavescape, and who is working to create a freescape. You are now faced with a choice.



Immoral Syndicate Despots
(Evil Masterminds)

Deep State

Amoral Minions
(Unconditional Obedience)

The Woke

Confused & Manipulated
(Unwitting Accomplices)


White Hats

Fighting in Background
(Expose & Remove Criminal Networks)

Patriot Leadership

Fighting in Foreground
(Protecting Liberties in the System)

The Awake

Active Informed Citizens
(Building Parallel Systems & Communities)

Q Team’s Takedown of the Cabal From A to Z

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano
Former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States
Former Secretary-General of Vatican City State
Letter of concern to Pres. Trump 2020.10.25

“We Will Bring You Down”: German MP Vows To Dismantle WHO’s Grip On Governments
European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI)

European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI)
Against the WHO Treaty and the transfer of governmental powers to non-elected, non-governmental and non-transparent organizations.

ECI Founding Members:
Justyna Walker (Poland), Mattias Desmet (Belgium), Dr Maria Hubmer-Mogg (Austria), Alexander Christ (Germany), Ladislav Vrabel (Czech Republic), Isabel Eliseu Arroseiro de Mesquita (Portugal), Georgi Todorov (Bulgaria)

Supporting Members of EU-Parliament:
Christine Anderson (Germany), Cristian Terhes (Romania), Ivan Vilibor Sincic (Croatia), Mislav Kolakusic (Croatia), Virginie Joron (France)

Other Speakers at EU-Parliament:
Philippe Kruse, Vicky Ketion, Dr Peter MuCullough, Andrew Bridgen, Fiona Hine, Dr David E. Martin, Gerald Hauser, Nathaniel Pawlowski, Pastor Artur Pawlowski, Nick Hudson,