RESIST: Stand Your Ground

The Light Striker’s Creed

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” 

― Buckminster Fuller

Humanity's Final Exam

“Resist” may invoke images of weapon wielding. Weapons are for the war eagles. You know if you are one – chances are you are wearing a uniform, and weapons are part of your job. Most people are NOT war eagles. Most are peace doves. World War III does not require everyone to be a war eagle. Soldiers fighting in direct combat require a lot of non-combat support. Support the war effort in what ever way you do best. An army cannot fight without support … and in the same way, neither can a tyrannical system remain in place without our passive support. Removing support from slavescape systems is the key to dismantling them! 

The challenge is that citizens are going to have to “1776” the globalist’s Great Reset agenda. Historically, human beings have only responded to pain … and so far we apparently have not yet experienced enough pain to cause us to want to take action. Education can show people that pain is coming, and provide options to avoid it.  We are going to have to dissolve learned helplessness, apathy, hopelessness, denial, and the passivity programmed into us since birth. Everything we took for granted, now has to be fought for – that’s the exam!

Leave violence to those who are armed by profession. The most productive effort for citizens is to join or start parallel communities and systems, to develop self-sufficiency, and spread the truth ASAP!

Freescape supports peaceful and strategic options that every individual can do to resist the establishment of systems designed to move our world into a slavescape, and establish systems in support of a freescape. Be strategic and mindful of your time, energy and resources. Make an impact within your strengths. Protesting in front of government buildings is not so productive, and deep state plants are in the crowds to incite chaos. Energy is better spent creating community gardens, and building networks of open-minded, public health oriented medical professionals.

peaceful Strategic Action

Think in Terms of Local Communities!

Crisis + Individuals = Chaos!
No one can do everything alone!
Communities = Civilization!

Community Level
Self Sufficiency

Community Self-Sufficiency Keeps the Basics from being used as Weapons!

Constitutional Sheriffs

Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association
Protect their communities from immoral mandates of government.


Bank Local, Maximize Cash
Avoid Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) = designed to enslave by controlling access to your money

Run For Local Offices

Remove Amoral Deep State Minions
from local offices
(you probably know some of these idiots personally)

Legal Action

Take Legal Action or
Support Organizations Fighting Legal Battles vs the Great Reset

Stay Informed / Journalism

Somebody is Lying! Learn to distinguish Propaganda from Truth! Add up the facts! Tell the world!


Decrease Government's ability to control you with technology!

Spread the Word!

Talk to People! Many people still don't realize what is going on!