Conspiracy is SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for humanity. WW III is a mind war. One side is lying. How do we tell who is lying?

Resist reflexively repeating government issued talking points and woke hysteria.  It’s NOT about immediately deciding if what you hear is true or not. We are living through a series of teachable moments. Let an evolution set in…

Relearning: facing facts (try them on as if they were true)

Regrouping: handling the truth (acknowledge and make peace with it)

Resisting: standing your ground (stay grounded, taking appropriate action)

The Biden Ears

“The Biden Show” Reveals the Level of the PSYOP in Play

Trump: “I don’t know if it’s Joe to be honest with you. It’s Somebody. Anyone know who it is?”
Hannity: “it’s obvious: that’s not the same guy”

President Trumps gets 21 gun salutes @ 3 second intervals (4 cannons) during his inauguration at the Capitol, and upon arriving at Andrews AFB, when he left Washington DC.  Signs that Trump is the President. The Biden actor received a 21 gun salute @ 9 second intervals (3 cannons). 5 second intervals are used for funerals. 

Note the military regulation for gun salutes: At a President’s arrival, 21 rounds at 3 seconds. BEFORE the Biden actor arrives, 21 rounds @ 9 second intervals (5 second intervals are used for funerals). Note also Hunter Biden’s mournful vs happy expression at the Biden actor’s “inauguration”. FYI (unverified) one rumor circulating says the real Biden was arrested, tried for treason, and executed. 

Some Major Reveals in the Pipeline for Summer 2023 ...

[1] All the Bad Things Happening are Part of an Evil Plan to Establish a Transhuman Slavescape

  • Plandemic
  • CBDC
  • Assorted chaos
  • NBIC Technologies…!
    Designing the future: NBIC technologies and human performance enhancement
    “Never before has any civilization had the unique opportunity to enhance human performance on the scale that we will face in the near future. The convergence of nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology, and cognitive science (NBIC) is creating a set of powerful tools that have the potential to significantly enhance human performance as well as transform society, science, economics, and human evolution. As the NBIC convergence becomes more understood, the possibility that we may be able to enhance human performance in the three domains of therapy, augmentation, and designed evolution will become anticipated and even expected. In addition, NBIC convergence represents entirely new challenges for scientists, policymakers, and business leaders who will have, for the first time, vast new and powerful tools to shape markets, societies, and lifestyles. The emergence of NBIC convergence will challenge us in new ways to balance risk and return, threat and opportunity, and social responsibility and competitive advantage as we step into the 21st century.”


[2] Secret Evil Network that Rules the World

[3] Human Trafficking is Part of the Evil Networks Control Methods
National Human Trafficking Hotline: 888-373-7888 or text “HELP” or “INFO” to 233733

[4] The “Trump” Card: False Flag Alien Invasion Scam
       (penciled-in for September 2023)

Deep State Mapping Project
Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano

Former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States
Former Secretary-General of Vatican City State

Information Websites

Clif High
Polymath who mines emotionally charged language on the Internet in order to predict what’s coming. 

David Icke
Educating and freeing humanity from negative control influences. Find also on Gaia.com

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Forbidden Knowledge TV
Name says it all.

ET Disclosure
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