A “doctor” is NOT a magical demigod, with super powers! A doctor is a human being – just like you – who read stuff. The logic of a doctor is no different from the logic of a logical person. 

Beware human nature! If doctors are human beings, that means they are vulnerable to basic amorality and immorality. 

Doctors took an OATH


NASA Calls it the Universal Antidote …
Chlorine Dioxide [ClO2]

Here Comes the Global Slavescape:

Health Facts or Fictions?
Someone is Lying. How do we figure out who?
Who rewrote the laws?
Who is enforcing mandates?
Who is discussing science?

Katherine Watt, paralegal, law researcher: “…learn the difference between those who are deceiving you and those who are being honest…”, “… goal is to block human perception…”

Dr Mercola holds the honor of being #1 on Biden’s “Dirty Dozen” COVID misinformation spreaders. Sounds like someone we should hear what he has to say that is so bad…  

Basic Life & Death Stuff


Enhance your Immune System!
Start by enhancing your understanding of it!
Read a pre-Covid textbook chapter of the human immune system. It won't kill you, but NOT understanding natural immunity could kill you!


Do NOT get jabbed (it mutates DNA)
Do NOT get Boosted
Do NOT take any form of "vaccination"
Do NOT take remdesivir
Do NOT use forceful ventilation