A Peaceful Show of Force

The world is run by crazies at the moment, but in the background (not on the news) there are good guys working to end the insanity. 

To speed this process up, the good guys need the support of the people – that’s us!
They need to SEE we are ready for change!

The Freescape Store

The Power of Words

We speed up positive change by showing our support – our willingness for change!

As an ex-CIA operative advises:
We the People can do a tremendous amount by simply adding important words into our daily conversations.

Words get people thinking and investigating!
Let’s start by adding two words to our vocabulary.
It’s time we acknowledge that sides have formed:

Freescape and Slavescape

Freescape serves as a unifying creed for freedom fighters. It shows globalist slavescapers
that they are seriously outnumbered,
and their days are numbered.