Becoming a Force of Light can be as simple as holding a positive vision for humanity
The world fell into darkness, from a global pandemic of Stockholm syndrome that spanned all of recorded history. As we allowed our planet to be ruled by criminals, we can flip this switch and reframe our future as mindful universal spirits rather than mindless frightened biological organisms, reacting in knee-jerk fashion to the cattle prods of slavescape mandates.   Knowledge is power – it also loosens the grip of fear. Relearn. Regroup. Resist. 

Salvation for humanity is a change of heart: from holding love as a weakness to holding love as a strength. The opposite of love is fear; which is what led us into the mess we are in. To change this, we each need to change our perspectives. We need to change fear into love – the ultimate alchemy. Love is not a mere emotion. Love is the lifeforce – the essence of our spiritual existence. 

President Trump Has It All! What You May Not Know About the End. It's Coming! December 28, 2022


Despite the epic dramas playing out, keep in mind there are ALWAYS many more aspects at work in the background than any of us realize…

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Had Enough Surprises? Get a Head Start for the Next One …

For many people, when the covid attack occurred, they took it at face value, and believed (and feared) everything they were told. For many (not all) in the natural health and healing industry, operation covid was an immediate red flag. Those of us not “well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society” (Krishnamurti), saw the attack as another “profoundly sick” scam on humanity – but this attack had a twist …

I told my friends then, that when the dust settled after operation covid, we would see aliens walking freely among us.  Why? Because in this wheel of life, the hub of all the apparently isolated issues of economics, politics, wars, deep state machinations, medicine, etc. is the extra-terrestrial story.  

But there is more. ET disclosure is not just about world-changing UFO technologies; it encompasses the aliens, their cultures, motivations, agendas, and interactions with our cultures. It encompasses spiritual evolution, intuition, expansion of consciousness (the universal language is telepathy), the nature of reality and its endless fractalization we call the universe, and life after death.  Life is designed to be astounding, not mundane. That door has finally opened for humanity. Operation covid tore the lid off Pandora’s box, and burned the bridge to normie-land. We are never going back to the dumb ages we just left.

Everything we thought we knew about anything is getting turned upside down. Woke is not a new beginning, it is an ending; symptoms of an end-stage disease process of the upside-down “profoundly sick society” we have lived in all our lives. It is the sick society naturally imploding on itself as it dies. Disclosure (and all associated with it) is the cure – and we will see that we have been living upside-down, as reality rights itself right-side-up. Post woke, when we may perceive a whole new quantum leap in the upside down turning of everything we thought we knew, realize that this is a passing disorientation, as our reality turns right-side up. Truth is stranger than fiction.

You now have a choice: let astounding revelations hit you square on the noggin as they occur (best for those who love earth-shattering surprises), or prime your mind for what’s coming by getting a head start (in this way you can serve as a stabilizing force for those around you). If you desire to learn about the universe that has been hidden from us, it is best to begin with extraordinary people who bestride wide macroscopic spectrums of it, vs only one “isolated” microcosm, like politics or medicine. To help direct the start of your re-education journey, I suggest you follow the work of two people (to include those they routinely interact with).

Elena Danaan and Kerry Cassidy. Both of these amazing individuals understand both physical and spiritual realities of what has happened on Earth, what is happening, and where we are headed. Both are experts in their fields, have been abducted by ETs, and are highly intuitive. Neither is locked down into two or even three dimensions. So their perspectives hold wisdom. I categorize their work into Space and Earth based focuses (just to provide mental handles). Elena’s work is space based (she is in real-time contact with our alien allies working with the white hats). Kerry’s work has more Earth based info in it (she is in contact with many special operations military and secret space program insiders). 

Space Based

Alien Contacts: Thor Han Eredyon (Galactic Federation of Worlds) and Enki (Ea)
Hosts: Dr Michael Salla, Dani Henderson
Contactees: Alex Collier, Tony Rodrigues, Jean-Charles Moyen

Earth Based

Contacts: Juan O. Savin, Lewis Herms, Capt Mark Richards, Michael Jaco, Derek Johnson …
Contactees: David Adair, Clifford Stone …
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Dr. Michael Salla (host) –,

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Dr. Mercola listed as #1 on Biden’s “Dirty Dozen” misinformation spreaders. Newsletter cover many aspect of the Great Reset.

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 Dr Shiva is running for President in 2024.


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