The Moral Compass

Solidarity Symbol for Light Strikers
As the ubiquitous ribbon is a symbol of awareness and support, the Moral Compass is a symbol of awareness of humanity’s present choice between passively allowing a slavescape, or actively support a freescape.
Light Strikers project Light to our world by 
Relearning, Regrouping, and Resisting. 
Moral Compass 

Gratitude to the designer from Ukraine, who perfectly captured the spirit of freescape; despite frequent trips to bomb shelters in 2022.  

The compass is an ancient symbol, pointing the way in unfamiliar territory (such as we find ourselves now).  The compass dial represents all the many directions each of us take in our physical world; while the compass points, as rays of  golden light, extend beyond the physical – guiding us toward a spiritual True North: our moral center – our conscience. The dove and olive branch are a universal symbol of peace, for all peoples and beliefs.

Light Striker

The compass wings symbolize action. The Freescape Dove of Peace is a Light Striker. It does not meekly offer its olive branch. Now is not a time for passivity and meekness. Planet Earth must acknowledge reality, if we are going to change it.  It is a time for conscious, responsible action. The Light Striker wields the olive branch with the full force of Light – its spread wings project power and protection; its eyes are righteously focused; its talons are poised for action. The Light Striker does not “ask for” – it aggressively demands peace!

Each of us have the free will to passively allow a slavescape to take root, or to actively wield the full force of all that we bring to this life to establish Earth as a FREESCAPE! 

Now is our time, each of us, together and in our own ways – WE ARE THE PLAN!

WW III is Just the Beginning

Doves of Peace
War Eagles
Vultures of Chaos

A slavescape is not transformed into a freescape with peace alone. Combatants are needed to forcibly remove evil vultures.  Combatants need the support of non-combatants. War Eagles can remove the Vultures of Chaos, but it is up to the Doves of Peace to rebuild the world, such that no shadows exist for vultures to lurk.   

It's time to change the world