Community Level Self Sufficiency

Community Self-Sufficiency keeps the basics from being used as weapons!

Why does the Biden globalist administration want to go 100% “green” (which costs a LOT of oil to make the green things)?

#1 because our current green technology level is stone-aged primitive – and this means we become very limited in what we can do.

#2 because if everything is electrical, and the controls the grid, they get to use power as a means of control, and even a weapon.

Nothing ignites chaos like the lack of basic needs.
This is very easy to fix:

Step 0 (Ground Zero for Change): Wake Up!
Dehypnotize yourself. If you do not processes the basic ability to process information and compare it to the world around you, then you are DOA – there is no hope for you. You are a woke zombie (WZ), under the control of something other than yourself.

Since strange is the new normal, being a WZ may not totally be the fault of the once human being, due to mind altering tech in use. Learning how keep our wits and sense of self with Pandora’s Box wide-opened, is going to be another staple of life, like food and water.

Step 1: Relearn – learn what’s really going on. 

Step 2: Regroup – find like minds within your local community.

Step 3: Resist – work together to build a self-sufficient parallel society (coexisting right next to the woke zombies – as they wake up, accept them).