Some General Money Advice
  • Bank with small local banks or credit unions
  • Maximize cash on hand
  • “Junk silver”
  • Goldback notes
  • Develop tradable skills
  • Local community money
  • (GESARA) Avoid BTC and ETH (Khazar coins)
  • Avoid Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), as it is
    designed to enslave by controlling access to your money

The Money system is a central aspect used to control humanity, with roots going back hundreds to thousands of years. This site does not offer expert financial advice, only concepts to look into. Research the Khazarian Mafia to get an idea on the depth of the problem. 


Junk Silver – pre 1965 coins are easy to barter with due to small, incremental amounts of silver (vs having to deal with a full ounce). 

Bitcoin mining – how bitcoins are created.
Catherine Austin Fitts – Solari Report

Clif High: Money vs Currency

The Goldback – gold printed into the note. 
How Goldbacks are printed

Wooden Money? A Depression-Era Experiment Returns  

GESARA (Global Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act)

In response to the world’s present Khazarian rotten-to-the-core financial system is GESARA (Global Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act), that includes things like abolishing the unlawful IRS. The world economic system is very complex, and includes some syfy-level stuff, leaked from insiders. During President Trump’s first term, he apparently was able to take control of the world banking system, after getting the Pope to capitulate control (by revealing that the white hat alliance is aware of the Vatican’s involvement in human trafficking). Human trafficking is the #1 crime against humanity worldwide. One small example in AZ can be found here.  Remember: the world is not as you thought it was; it has been 100% run by criminals for a very long time.  In direct opposition to the ghastly evil we never knew lived among us, is the Light of our future – once we all wake up and get involved in creating a freescape…

Dylan Louis Monroe’s GESARA concepts map 
GESARA Map & The QFS : Full Walkthrough w The Mapmaker 
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