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Key Points:

DeSantis (running for president 2024): pushes back vs vaccine mandates. Lockdowns return mid September: EXCLUSIVE: Biden Planning New COVID Restrictions/Lockdowns, Will You Submit?

Many topics. Vans stopped by homes just before attack on Maui (to kidnap kids?). Marines found FEMA and local police were murdering residents. Nuclear war is a scam. Celebrity executions. Don’ t take Marburg vax. more.

Why is white hat war taking so long? Greatest consciousness expanding operation in all of human history. Espionage war means we have to let the game play out to identify the true threat actors, so that none of them escape.  Main stream news report = the globalist plan. A “potential” bad thing on the news = a PLANNED bad thing by the cabal.

@13:00 – “The most powerful person in the country is the sheriff
@ 11:35 – CA is #1 in US for taking action to fix voting fraud (ousting bad guys)

Maui was an attack. Beams reported coming from sky. 
US Space Force base,  military infrastructure, world’s 5th largest computer center, and grey alien bases reported underground. 

Update on alien allies and deep state. All negative ETs have been removed from Earth in 2021. The only bad guys left are humans. Many ET fleets are currently guarding the entire solar system, along with our human defense force: Solar Warden

Human trafficking is everywhere. When military closes off a civilian area, they may be cleaning out a trafficking organization. Like the Vatican, Mother Teresa trafficks children.  Many celebrities and other VIPs are suddenly “dying” – these are actually executions (“Rommel deaths“) for crimes against humanity.