Think in Terms of Local Communities

If you ever tried to do the pioneer thing (do EVERYTHING for yourself), you may have noticed that you actually need many clones of yourself, each with unique knowledge accumulated over an entire lifetime, to be able to do EVERYTHING that needs to be done to be totally self-sufficient. Not only is this not sustainable, but it is not even practical … or social. 

Crisis + Individuals = Chaos
In a crisis, a bunch of individuals tend to go “mad max” (“every man for himself” cries the fearful little soul overwhelmed on how to deal with a crisis like a mature human being). 

Crisis + Community = Civilization
The reason people have always banded/worked together is to create practical and sustainable civilizations; where experts in every field combine their knowledge and skills for everyone, allowing everyone to do what they do best, and everyone wins.  So instead of trying to learn everything about everything, work within your community to create community farms, water supplies, power generation, medicine, etc.