Self-Organizing Collective (SOC)

There are forces at war for humanity. They are known as the White Hat Alliance, and Clif High calls them the Self-Organizing Collective (SOC), because these freescapers organically sprang up to address President Eisenhower’s warning of the dangers of the military industrial complex. Few know who they are exactly. Some are professional war eagles, others are could be politicians, law enforcement, intelligence officers, etc. They are not one organization. They are a spontaneous response of humanity for what is needed during these epic times.  If we watch events (outside the cage of mainstream media), we can see they are extremely hard at work dismantling the Earth’s entire secret evil control network. The war eagle efforts need to be done quietly in the background of world events, but at some point they will be ready to go public. That point may be the summer of 2023. One of the things they need is us – the Light Strikers and Doves of Peace, willing to stand up and rebuild our world, once they free it. Together, War Eagles and Peace Doves create the freescape! 

Always keep in mind we are dealing with human beings. This mean we are always dealing with a cacophony of motivations and agendas. Also keep in mind, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. The SOC absolutely does NOT need to be of a homogenous mindset – we have a powerful enemy to take down. We all realize it. We need to work together to kill the dragon. 

How do we know who to trust? Suss out their messages and battle cries. 

WWEOWGA: Where We Go One, We Go All

“We can guide but you must organically uncover the TRUTH.”

Messages like these have an air of strategic, forward thinking wisdom; like a chess master positioning for a “future”, not just a “battle”.
Compare these messages with the usual rhetoric where leaders piss on us while trying to convince us it’s raining. 

Compare what is SAID to what is DONE (consequences of actions)

Who benefits? Follow the money and the power/control.

When main stream media starts parroting something: THAT IS THE LIE!

Stay Within Your Lane
Welcome to the Apocalypse – it’s been a long time in the making. The level of unconventional 5th Generation warfare currently in play, is way beyond the reality of those not immersed in it professionally; leave it to the War Eagles. This is the most intricate psychological-commando-spy operation in the history of humanity. Every imaginable trick in the playbook of the entirely of human warfare is in play at this moment. Watch the show – but look for calls to action – and take action. As those with insider insight have said: we don’t know who is telling the truth and who is lying (follow your inner moral compass). Those we think are dead may be alive. Those we think are alive, may be dead. Good guys undercover as bad guys, bad guys undercover as good guys. There are clues all over the internet if you are curious (examine faces from before and during the Apocalypse).  

Every level of perspective has its limitations – both military and civilian. Our entire planet has been gaslit by a hidden controlling force since forever (Freemason signatures on the Declaration of Independence?), so absolutely NOTHING can be taken for granted as we unwind the puppet strings. No one is automatically guilty or innocent. No one sees the entire picture. When WW III is over, we will all be shocked to learn of the depths of the globalist infiltration into society.

Best advice for these times of uncertainty: for those operating way above our paygrade, they will do what they do regardless of what we think we know, believe, or have influence over. That level is out of our hands. The part that is in our hands (the Constitution and rule of law) we must hold onto tightly – it is our nation’s civility. It is the template for a freescape. There is no need to spiral into Mad Max world. 

Civilians play a very important role – and that role is NOT apathy or going ape shit. The heavy lifting is being done for humanity as we speak. Civilians are needed for what comes next. We absolutely require guidelines: stay with Constitutional law. All actions taken need to be constitutional. The constitution has within it all that is required to establish a freescape – that is why this document was written. It is NOT the role of Peace Doves to take matters they do not fully comprehend into their own hands – we have had enough rouge cowboys.

When WW III is over, it will all be explained, and we will marvel at the multidimensional complexity of how this war was fought. For now, follow the lead of President Trump, and those insiders who are able to provide some insight.

The goal of civilians is to survive the war (which may include an extended camping trip phase), and start building knowledge and momentum, so that we can act when called upon for the post war rebuild. That means be ready to step up and constitutionally repopulate local community government when the time comes. Out with the bad actors, and in with the good guys – all done constitutionally.

Leaders take an oath when they take office. Bad actors have made it crystal clear who they are by now. Communities need to be ready to clear their local swamps when given the signal, which will be obvious (such as a period of martial law, followed by a normal broadcast blackout, replaced with a recorded detailed explanation of how the War Eagles drained the global swamps). At this point the ball will be in the civilian court to constitutionally repopulate leadership positions.  At this point, Relearn, Regroup, Resist. When the white hat alliance calls for our help, be ready to help out any way you can.  We are the plan.

An example of what this looks like: Orinda Town Hall Meeting PowerPoint.6.11.23

President Trump’s work behind the scenes, draining the global swamp!