Space Aliens

You have to wonder: why would President Trump support this song?

The UFO and alien genre is infested psyops operators mixing truths with lies. Proof is hard to find – especially if you use public records (secret programs do not file documents where public records are found). So the best that this page can hope for is simple priming minds with concepts that may or may not be true. This is a mental exercise for flexible thinking. We want to strive for skeptical optimism. What we do NOT want to do is assume a distress call from the next sinking Titanic is a prank, just because it’s the “Titanic”. 


UFOs are real … so are the Aliens in them
I’m guessing that you would prefer to NOT have the very first time you consider the news-flash that “UFOs may actually be real” to be in the midst of a surreal, slow-motion, extended warped time experience, while being shot at by one.   FYI: gov finally admits UFO’s are real (Senate report below).

With an “alien invasion” on the calendar, our crash course in the nature of reality begins with acknowledging that we have only been allowed the most mundane and boring information publicly; while the awe-inspiring, astounding stuff has always been hidden from us. They could tell us … but then they would have to kill us.

Quick Summary: 
As mentioned on the About page, the mundane worldview is merging with every “conspiracy theory” worldview you have ever heard of (to include the intuitive and psychic).  In fact, when you track every “they don’t want you to know” to where the buck stops, it goes beyond the buck to the alien story (which is a long and complex one).

Alien Invasion? Already happened – long long ago. Evil leaders made deals with evil aliens to create an evil world for us to live in; which we have come to think of as “normal”. It is NOT normal. We live on a slave planet (wage slaves and human trafficking).  It’s important to realize that there are both positive and negative extraterrestrials (ETs), just as it is with humans.

What do ETs look like? Watch Star Trek (creator, Gene Roddenberry was a contactee). The series most like our actual Solar Warden secret space program (SSP) is Deep Space Nine (1993–99): humans working together with aliens. SSP insiders say aliens are regular people (regardless of appearance), from a different culture, with advanced technology.

According to a number of different sources, a false flag alien invasion is scheduled for September 2023 (“scheduled” like Event 201). Others say it is a real invasion. After listening to insiders from both camps, the hoax seems most realistic, and energetically clean. The best intel comes from Elena Danaan, envoy to Solar Warden’s alien allies (links below). At this point, anyone pushing fear is a deep state set-up to get humanity to willingly give up all freedom, so we can be saved from an “alien invasion”. 

Elena Danaan says negative ETs had been removed from Earth by 2021, and the entire solar system is well protected by our allies.  An interesting example of this might be on video. The GoFast Rocket launched in 2014. At 3:46 min, it hit something. Some say it hit the firmament. But with zero imagination or eye squinting, it is exactly what one would suspect a rocket hitting a forcefield to look like. 

She says if you see UFOs all over, just watch the show, this is disclosure; since all the remaining evil on Earth is human (ex: human trafficking); who are dug in deep (literally miles underground), and here the war continues (ex: Maui DEW attack above USSF underground base).

Why an alien invasion hoax could be a good sign …

Insiders tell us that the world situation is very complex. There is no one cabal – that everything is fractionated (WEF is just one of them), and in competition. This makes a lot of common sense when looking at the vast networks of secret organizations in Dylan Monroe’s Deep State Mapping Project. This being the case, we could have one faction running a hoax invasion, at the same time a real one occurs (which is a common confusion ploy in false flag operations, like 911). 

If certain cabal factions get to the point of an “alien invasion” hoax (in the slavescaper playbook since the 1950s), this may be evidence that the end of WW III is nye. This ruse is the final “trump card” weapon – the LAST in their bag of tricks to fool humanity into willingly accepting a slavescape, by giving up our last ounce of freedom in order to be “saved”. Some suggest that help from our alien allies (and public knowledge of the white hat alliance) is more likely when humanity rises up, acknowledges that evil cabals control Earth, and start to take strategic actions toward a freescape. This is humanity’s RITE OF PASSAGE out of ignorance; where we finally face reality, get off the damned hamster wheel, and live in community with the rest of the universe.  

Every major crisis since 911 has been a ruse to fool humanity to willing give up more freedoms for “security” and “safety”. Actually, historians will have to figure out when all the ruses began (that started chipping away at human liberties), because the slavescape was well underway by Eisenhower’s 1961 address

Insiders tell us that secret space program leadership has had a drastic overhaul (probably part of the white hat alliance fighting for humanity in the background). Alien disclosure has already started. A goal now is to inform humanity of a possible false flag “alien invasion”, so that we don’t freak out and beg the globalists for an overt slavescape to “save” (enslave) us. 

Secret space program insiders tell us aliens are real, and everywhere (assume every star has a planet with life). Extraterrestrials have been on Earth (as well as under ground, and in the oceans) for a very long time, working with humans (who are also out there, working with them on their planets). If the aliens we know today wanted to invade Earth, it would have happened already, before our secret space force advanced to where it is now. If we don’t automatically dismiss what the ancients wrote as “BS”, then it DID happen a long time ago. Insiders say 95% of the thousands of species known don’t want to kill us, they are waiting for us to join the neighborhood. They also need us to recognize the truth of our man-made problems, and to stand up and take responsibility for them. The sooner the collective mind of humanity takes responsibility and begins to clean up its own mess, the sooner we can join the neighborhood. 


The B-Film Script Behind Our Epic Times

FINALLY…! The “conspiracy theory” BS regarding UFOs and aliens has worn itself out. Insiders say the unsustainable costs of keeping such a gigantic reality a secret is multiple times more than the costs of the secret programs themselves. The secrecy, cover ups, conspiracies that weren’t theories, character assaults and actual assassinations over the decades regarding UFOs was all for mere money and power. The elites don’t care if we know about aliens. They just want to maintain their role as king of the world, by keeping humanity in the 19th century; where resources can be manipulated in order to maintain power.  But this demented, medieval, selfish child scheme has a shelf life, whose date has expired.

This is a sign that a white hat alliance is fighting for humanity behind the scenes: insiders say the leadership of the secret programs has changed. Where once, whistleblowers were killed, the new marching orders now are to find a non-disruptive way of breaking the disclosure news to humanity.

New forms of free energy have been on Earth for decades (thanks to both humans who figured it out, and our alien allies). Easy energy makes oil manipulation obsolete; thereby threatening power. If the energy secret breaks, so does the alien tech secret … and the elites have one last card to play, in order to turn the world into an overt slavescape: an alien invasion hoax.

For the hoax to work, the media networks need to bait-n-switch humanity into willingly forfeiting the last of our liberties for a worldwide government that will save us from invading aliens (slavescape or death, right?). Yes, the scheme has a lot of holes in it, as one would expect from a B-movie script written by inbred psychopaths. But then we are dealing with a long history of inbred “blue bloods”, so I guess this is understandable.

Satanic Globalist Puppet Administration in Action

Even right-wing Fox news is ultimately run by the same inbreds that run all news networks. The network mission: distract people into arguing that all the world’s insanity is political. Yes, Fox points out the insanity of the Left, but the Left is just a tool, as is the Right. It’s a slight of mind magician trick: we are NOT dealing with a political theatre; we are dealing with extra-political Khazarian mafia globalists in the process of taking over the world. The crazy is global, not just in the US. If you will remember: literally overnight, countries all over the world, decided in unison to destroy their economies to fight a virus (WTF?!). Does that sound “political”?

Still this half-assed B-film may make it to the big screen of our actual lives, as the inbreds are already setting the stage for a “Mars Attacks” scenario; by priming our fears, letting us squirm in ignorance, and upping fear and suspense levels (literary devices 101), to generate maximum shock effect.

Act I: Senate UAP Report

The final scam to end all scams (no need for scams in an overt slavescape. The bad guys can be totally honest: do as you are told or die) begins by setting the stage with the release of a BS Senate investigation that concludes UFO are real – and they are a THREAT (OMG – Martha git the shotgun)!


UAP pose a hazard to safety of flight and could pose a broader danger if some instances represent sophisticated collection against U.S. military activities by a foreign government or demonstrate a breakthrough aerospace technology by a potential adversary.”

Act II: UAP Footage Released

The Navy released some BS video footage, that would once be labeled “swamp gas”, but now is an actual UFO (the new term being UAP). I wouldn’t want to fly a jet if the display was as visually poor as that in the UFO image provided by the Navy. Either video technology has regressed since the Apollo missions, or the distinctive, government issue fuzz filter was applied again. Not to worry – see clear modern photo images below of a Tic Tac UFO …

Photo quality: 2017 UFO vs 1969 Apollo

Act III: “Alien Invasion” Recon Craft Taken Out in Fierce, Bambi vs Godzilla Style Dogfight

The Chinese spy balloon drama BS; quickly followed by a BS melodramatic 1938 radio-esque news show about UFOs invading our airspace (all words – no images as we have for the balloon invasion). This was a basically a replay of Orson Welles’ 1938 radio broadcast of “War of the Worlds”. Fox news had the most ridiculous breaking news piece of a “fluid (fog of war) situation” as stories changed by the minute (interceptor jet saw nothing – couldn’t catch UFOs – shot down UFOs – no word of what was shot down – breaking news just in from DC: nothing to report!) Pure BS. 

Bambi Balloon vs Godzilla Fighter Jet: “There I was … Bogey 12 o’clock high - BAM! Took that bad boy OUT!

One step closer to scaring people into giving up the last shreds of freedom: whistleblower, former intelligence officer David Grusch’s UAP claims have gained traction in (what I call our slavescape government) . Now they can work it like a movie script to build tension for false flag “alien invasion” scheduled for September 2023. FYI: is woke (slavescape minion). You can read in this report how they are working the fear factor. 


Dr Steven Greer's new documentary: UFO Endgame To Disclosure

Humanity has been living in a secret “science fiction-esque” world for decades. Flying around this US Air Force pilot is a “Tic Tac” UAP. This Tic Tac is man-made, reverse engineered alien anti-gravity technology; mastered by a secret space force decades ago. This type of craft may be used for an alien invasion hoax. In addition to many types of actual reverse engineered craft, more mundane drones, cloaked inside realistic holograms are also possible (as we witnessed with what we believed were “commercial aircraft” flying into the WTC buildings during the 911 false flag attacks). 

ANY technology the average person is aware of, could be 20 generations behind what actually exists in secret programs. This means that absolutely NOTHING, no matter how strange, is off the table for technological possibilities. Keep an open mind, and resist repeating slavescape talking points (regarding what is “impossible”) when faced with the unfolding reality around us.


Man Made "UFO": "TR3B Aurora", "TR3B Black Manta", "TR3B Astra"

Google Patents: “Triangular spacecraft”
US20060145019A1 United States

How to Become a Space Force Officer: TR-3B in R&D background TR-3B maneuvers TR-3B vanishes

Matter, Energy, Information

We take technology for granted, but few are aware of how a great deal of technologic information was obtained. So, a quick word about psychic information, since it has had a tremendous impact on our modern lives already.

As our collective worldview shifts out of limited 3D thinking into something much more expansive, we are realizing that what the “conspiracy theorists” were telling us turned out to NOT be “theories”. In the same way, we will also come to realize that the matter, energy, information perspectives of healers and psychics are also not quack theories (at least the CIA does not think so).

As music and news travel upon radio waves through the air, “information” travels with energetic waves; beyond the form of energy our five senses are biologically designed to sense. Different forms of energy are abundant in our universe. An example is the wide electromagnetic spectrum, of which our senses only can perceive a very small bandwidth.

With this in mind, consider that Ramanujan’s mathematics, Tesla’s inventions, and Van Tassel’s life extension work all came from “psychic” sources outside of their own, biological minds. This form of gaining information is much more common than we have been led to believe. In this very same way, begins the alien invasion story; as UFO technology (anti-gravity vehicles) was received psychically.

No need to feel the pressure to accept this as a truth right now. Just sit with it as if it were true, suspend disbelief for a moment, so you can pay attention to a story that needs to be told…  

Selected Timeline regarding aliens/tech and secret cabal

  • Pre WW II: Nazis were obsessed with the occult. An inner circle of  the Thule Society occult group was The Wonder Women of VRIL, who sought connection with supernatural beings. They psychically contacted such beings (aliens), and received information on how to build “UFOs” (anti-gravity craft).

  • 1939-45: German ingenuity rapidly mastered this technology. If WW II lasted one more year, Germany would have won. Instead, after WW II, these UFO Nazis formed a break-away society in Antarctica.

  • 1945: After the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the 509th Composite Group relocates to Roswell Army Airfield, NM; which was the Strategic Air Command’s only nuclear weapons unit at that time.

  • 1945-59: Operation Paperclip. Former Nazi scientists, engineers, and technicians were recruited by the U.S. government. This included Wernher von Braun, who became a NASA engineering program manager. At the end of his life, he leaked plans for a future alien invasion hoax.

  • 1946-7: Admiral Byrd was sent to Antarctica for Operation HighJump, to take out the remaining Nazis. But they were quickly defeated by the Nazi UFOs.

  • After the battle in Antarctica, the US formed a treaty with the UFO Nazis (if you can’t beat them, join them); which included having Nazis involved at key levels of all research, industry, and government worldwide. They became part of the global cabal, causing much of our current world problems. Apparently, the allies won the battle of WW II, but lost the war. You may have noticed that a Nazi mindset has been running the world for a long, long time (even before WW II).

  • 1947: The Roswell Incident (crashed alien craft). Aliens were interested in our use of nuclear weapons. UFOs continue to be seen around nuclear bases today.

  • 1957: Valiant Thor (human from Venus) meets with President Eisenhower and VP Nixon. He is put on VIP status for 3 years.

  • 1961: Eisenhower’s farewell address to the nation warns of the potential influence of the military–industrial complex (a secret cabal, which is beyond presidential power, and outside government).

  • 1963: Cabal (CIA, Majestic-12) is responsible for the assassination of JFK; who was aware of alien technology, and wanted to make it public via the formation of NASA. Some suggest that this was the origin moment for a secret “white hat alliance”, to plan the removal of the cabal from Earth. This is part of the Apocalypse we are witnessing across Earth today.

  • 2019: President Trump forms the United States Space Force. Is it secret space force cover story 2.0 or the next presidential attempt at disclosure? Judging by two submitted service songs, it may start as a cover force, while standing ready to upgrade to a disclosure force. series “Deep Space” (investigators) and “Cosmic Disclosure” (insiders) provide the long and convoluted story behind several secret space programs.  Images of Nazi UFO below came from “Deep Space” series. 

1947 Roswell involved the stereotypical ET. This race is called Eben. They are from Zeta Reticuli. 1965 Project Serpo was an exchange program. The Eben pictured (in Russia) was nicknamed “skinny Bob”.

1957: The Valiant Thor story. People from Venus, who look exactly like humans, came to Earth to advise our government regarding nuclear weapons. 

Many ET races are perplexed with our crazy slavescape ways; keeping our planet suffering and in the dark, and making society so unproductive. The alien invasion hoax could be used as the disclosure event – as this would bring everything out in the open.  When alien technology is finally revealed, many lucrative industries with be obsolete overnight. This is why this technology has been kept secret. 

That’s some basic history, but the story is a long one, with many players and moving parts.  WW III (the WEF’s Great Reset) is the shift from a covert slavescape to an overt slavescape – and the last weapon up their sleeve is an alien invasion hoax.

Bad Apples
Suggestions that aliens are ALL good or ALL bad are not logically realistic.  Implied by the Nazi UFO history, are bad aliens (if humans have the potential to be bad, so do all beings everywhere). Entering the cosmic neighborhood is going to be a more expansive continuation of life on Earth – with both good guys and bad guys.  Insiders do say that of the thousands of species encountered, 95% are friendly, and 5% are trouble makers. Ancient Alien research (taking ancient historical records literally, rather than assuming they are all imaginative stories, that just happen to be repeated all over the planet) suggests that Earth was invaded by aliens a long time ago.  These encounters have consequences that continue to this day; and are part of the War Eagles work to remove these networks.  

Reminder: please do your own research.
For every true event, cover stories (disinformation) are created that tag along with the truth. Example: the Valiant Thor story. Aliens are said to have visited the president, and it is also said that Thor was a hoax. BOTH can be true. This is how “they” mix things up in order to get people to throw the baby out with the bath water. Learn how to listen for a ring of truth. The truth is always buried under half-truths, withholdings and lies. 

Truth tellers are often heavily attacked. It can be very difficult to discern what is true and false. One pattern I notice is that we are dealing with secret, special access programs, and those attempting to discredit whistleblowers from these secret programs end their vetting search at the level of public records. Lack of public records does not prove secret programs do not exist. 

At this point in humanity’s story, we have been lied to since forever about everything. The CIA was formed as a counter intelligence (professional lying) organization specifically for the UFO situation. Truth and lies will continue to be mixed for some time. We do NOT need to determine what is true and false the moment we hear it – we need to be at peace IF it were true. The truth will come out in time, as it always does. What we do not want to do is disbelieve 99 accounts, because 1 was a lie. Nor do we want to take any give collection of statements, and run with them as truths.

For some good examples of how to think through professional level lies, watch this episode of Dark Journalist:  DARK JOURNALIST UFO FILE WARS & GOVERNMENT OPSTERS

People who roll their eyes at the mention of “aliens” or “psychics”, thinking they hold sophisticated opinions, are the weak-minded  arrogantia, who fall for (or push) the counter intelligence story of the day.  They are really going to be in for a surprise. FYI: one source says 70% of humanity believes in aliens. the remaining 30% are hard-liner religious groups.  The appropriate stance during an info war is making peace with not knowing. Insiders say the cover story changes at each level of secrecy, so we can expect the “truth” to keep changing as levels of secrecy are revealed. 

We need to learn the patterns and the tricks, so that we do not get manipulated. One thing we can be certain of is anyone asking us to trade our fundamental human liberties for “safety” is most definitely lying – that’s one hard and fast rule with a long history of verification. There is never a reason to create a slavescape as a solution for any circumstance – be it political, viral or alien. This is the oldest trick in the book. We are living through humanity’s rite of passage from a fearful, gullible, ignorant earth-bound childhood, into a mind-blowing cosmic adulthood; where we face the astounding facts of life with a simple, yet sophisticated sense of respect for all living beings – treating all life as we wish to be treated. The Golden Rule.  This is the meaning behind the Moral Compass symbol

Pandora’s box has opened, and the strange is never going to stop from this point forward. Everything we thought we knew about anything is going to get turned on its head. Truth is stranger than fiction. We need to learn to roll with it. 

We need to remember there are multiple factions in play. Some SSP insiders say one faction of white hats may play out some level of invasion scenario (beta tests in Peru and Las Vegas?), to force the alien issue into the limelight – because they are tired of waiting. Other alien contactees/liaisons say our alien allies have had enough of human cloak & dagger games as well, and may circumvent the games and contact humanity on their own.  Probably the most realistic scenario involves multiple strategy triggers getting pulled at once (with one triggering a chain reaction for others), and the path with the greatest momentum “wins”. In any case, the situation is rapidly coming to a boil. 

Keep you heart and mind open – but learn to listen for a ring of truth. Beware fear mongering, false flags and false “saviors”.  Circumstances are probably brighter and more astounding  than we can imagine …


Dr Michael Salla – Exopolitics,org

Dr Salla interviews with Elena Danaan: 
Great Pyramid Artifacts, Raven Rock Disclosure Plan & Underground ET Civilizations – extraterrestrial contactee, archaeologist, druid, shaman, and author

UPDATE FALSE ALIEN INVASION – ELENA DANAAN – APRIL 11 2021: Elena provides images of negative and positive ET craft. Her contacts tell her two scenarios: (A) They attack. This will cause positive ET allies to fight them to protect Earth. (B) Negative ETs just show themselves to scare people. This will be done to fool people into giving up control to globalist (to save us). Do NOT give them this permission. If we do not panic, and simply watch the ET show, we turn scenario B into disclosure.